Holistic thinking

Harmony of the whole

In a way, one might think that the word ”holistic approach” is a cliché, on the other hand, it is important to see the importance of wholeness. At work and life as a whole.

Many times when I’m inside an organization I often see people focusing on one’s own good or the department/function best. One breaks down an organization into sections/departments/units/functions, etc.) in order to make it possible to lead and manage all parts/functions. Often I encounter situations where the ”parts” see their own job as the most important and forget about the whole.

The expression of narrow-thinking/silo thinking is an example of when you only see/want/protect your own part/your own silo. And the big picture is lost.

”One-eyed tunnel vision,

a remarkable cluelessness,

or a silly egoism

prevents the whole to be great. ”

Remember that: When the whole is good – it will be good for the parts too.

Stefan Gunnarsson