Feedback as a mirror

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I can get confirmation if what I know  about me is true or I can hear a different experience than my self-image says – in the latter case I get an opportunity to update my self-image.
Mirroring means that someone else sees me and wants to appreciate me for something I do (or not do) or that the other think that I can develop something I do.
The metaphor of the mirror also can also mean that it,  is a mirror image of the provider of feedback – a projection. So feedback can be about both me and to the one I give feedback to. All feedback is projective – perhaps more often than we think.
I can be proactive and ask others to reflect me and I can then decide if if I want feedback on a particular area, that I want to reflected and who that I want to reflect me.
”Mirror, mirror on the wall – say, how do you experience me?
On a course in the art of feedback you get tools to request feedback on your self-image.