Kindness and compassion

I love the words kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion for me is a strong will for well-being and development. I think everyone wants to develop and also contribute to the development of others if there is kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion is one of the pillars of a development culture and in a feedback culture.

Words like trust and empathy in all glory. They are important words.
In many organizations I help to implement authentic core values (with the ambition that employees and leaders will feel participation in the process) has the word Trust as one of 3-5 core value words. If we have mutual trust, we have endless possibilities. However, I think that you can be a little too quick to choose Trust as a core value without thinking about how trust is created, how we can co-create trust and how it can be destroyed in a a few seconds.

Empathy is another nice and important word, I notice that many people have a different interpretation than I have. To me Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. I have understood that some weigh in compassion and kindness in the word empathy – thats not in my definition. I have met researchers who even say that some psychopaths have empathy (though they have zero percent kindness and compassion and consideration for others.)

Back to kindness and compassion – If I know somebody wants me well, they can give me tough feedback to me because I know they want me and my development well. And then my trust grows to the other.

I wish organizations, relationships and the whole planet more kindness and compassion.